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Where can you find a hotel that conscientiously and consistently ensures your dog is surrounded by people and other dogs in an engaging environment throughout the day? With every visit, you will know why Dogs Will Play’s services are extraordinary!

Daily Routine


First potty is every morning at 6AM! Immediately following, breakfast is served to every pup’s satisfaction. Dogs Will Play is equipped to store and administer all types of food, including kibble, canned, frozen, raw or any combination of the above. Playtime begins after the pups have had time to fully digest their meals.


Playtime includes plenty of activities! Is your dog crazy about chasing and catching balls? Dogs Will Play offers both morning and afternoon ball-playing sessions. Our dogs spend their days with playful companions to engage in tag, beginning with a sniff and off they go! Proper play etiquette is positively reinforced by our ever-present and attentive staff. For our other merry members who would rather watch than engage, they are welcome to lounge on one of our many comfortable beds we have available.

Nap Time

In the middle of the day, there is a nap time for our guests to rejuvenate and enjoy a snack or lunch at your discretion. Socialization and play activities continue into the afternoon and through the evening until dinner.


Dinner is served at 6:30PM. But wait! The fun-filled day is not over, and dogs have more time with their friends as bedtime does not begin until 9PM. When it is finally time to drift off to sleep, our pups cuddle up in their blankets and reminisce about their memorable day. What kind of fun will tomorrow bring?

Meals and Rest

Dogs Will Play understands the importance of a well-balanced and healthy diet for our hotel members. We recommend parents bring food from home because it is best not to change your doggy’s diet from what he or she is accustomed to. If you do not wish to bring food from home, we have kibble available at a cost of $5 per meal.

Each guest has their own suite during meal times and rest periods. For families with multiple dogs, suites are shared during rest times only. Guests must be separated during meal times due to safety concerns and to allow staff to monitor the amount of food each dog eats.


Daily (per 24-hour time period): $60
Note hotel rates differ for Daycare Members with active packages.
House Kibble: $5 per meal
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Medication Administration

To ensure the safety of your pet, you must bring written or typed medication administration instructions for each day. You must bring your own supplies such as food for pill administration and measuring devices such as droppers. All solid medications must be pre-measured, including pre-cut pills. The fee for administering medication is $10 per day.

Please inquire regarding discount for each additional dog sharing the same bill.


All potential Dogs Will Play members must be in good health and current on their distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations. Puppies must be de-wormed. Please neuter or spay your dog by the time he or she is seven months of age. All dogs enrolled in our daycare program must receive monthly flea prevention treatment. Every owner/guardian seeking daycare membership for their dog must first make an assessment appointment for Dogs Will Play staff to conduct a two-part evaluation, measuring your dog’s comfort level engaging with our staff and other members.

Potential members must possess a temperament that permits Dogs Will Play Staff to care for them and may not pose as a danger to any Dogs Will Play members or staff. In preparation for your assessment appointment, please have a copy of your dog’s vaccination records for us to keep on file. If you cannot provide a copy, please call your veterinarian and give your authorization for them to fax current vaccination and de-worming information to our office. During your assessment, please be prepared to complete a Membership Application, giving us personal details regarding your dog, review and sign Dogs Will Play’s service agreement and submit valid credit card information.

Request Assessment

Assessments are available Monday through Friday at 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 7:30pm.

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