Peet C


“What can I say? Dogs Will Play doggie day care has been a god send. We adopted our precious Peet from ARF in October. He is a beautiful and very energetic chocolate lab. My husband and I have very busy jobs and work nearby. Being cooped up all day inside the house was not working for Peet so we decided to try daycare. Immediately his behavior improved. He was able to expend his energy all day and was much more calm at home. The handlers have worked hard with him and helped us with training. He now socializes much better with other dogs, doesn’t chew up the house, and even is not jumping up on people as much. He has transformed in a loving, well behaved lab. He’s made good friends and we feel at peace every time we take him knowing he is well cared for. Every employee has been great, attentive, and professional. I couldn’t recommend a better place to entrust the care of your 4 legged family member!”

-Emily C.